The Race

Terrain and Race

Since the event itself is called "The Impossible Race" you can imagine the challenge it brings in terms of distance and terrain. Making full use of Polo's topography, we have designed a 115 kilometers single loop road cycling track that circles the picturesque beauty of Polo, giving you an epic cycling experience.

Considering the intense nature of road cycling, we have ensured that it's a closed track for the entire 6.5 hours of the event. That being said, there will be some shared roadway portions with local traffic in order to maintain an access route to the Polo Temple and small villages. This will of course be controlled by the police. We advice cyclists to be careful at all times and stay in controllable speeds. Every cyclist is expected to follow the directions and instructions of the race officials and public authorities at all the times. Failure to do so may result in immediate disqualification.

The route is fast, straight with downhill forest lines, followed by numerous exciting and breathtaking uphills and archetypal Indian villages. You will pass through local villages and get a true taste of the colourful sights and sounds of the friendly communities all along the route. Get ready to stretch those tendons, calf and thigh muscles, as this is where you can make up for the time.

With the help of the state government and local authorities, most of the roads will be well paved, but the sheer unevenness of the terrain will make this circuit one wild rollercoaster ride. Be prepared to #WheelTheWild.

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