Prize Money

  Male Female
1st PRIZE Rs. 51,000/- Rs. 51,000/-
2nd PRIZE Rs. 31,000/- Rs. 31,000/-
3rd PRIZE Rs. 21,000/- Rs. 21,000/-

Exciting consolation prizes!

Important Note:

  • A participant is applicable/entitled to the prize money only if he/she finishes the race within the cut-off time.
  • Only the Organizer reserves the right to augment, alter, redistribute or make any necessary changes to the prize money as they see fit in any manner whatsoever and that such cannot be claimed by any other party during or at any time after the event.
  • TDS on prize money is deductible as applicable by the law.
  • This year, the Impossible Race has a special veteran category for both male and female participants in the Road Biking Race. A participant will be considered a veteran if he or she is of 40 years of age or above on the race day. At the time of the race, there must have 5 or more participants present, to consider the veteran category valid for prize money allocation.
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