What is drafting? 
What is blocking? 
Do I need to buy bike shorts? 
Do I need to buy an expensive road bike? 
Should I buy a road bike or triathlon (time trial) bike? 
Should I use 650c or 700c wheels? 
What's an indoor trainer for and the best kind I should use?  
What are CO2 inflators for and should I go for it on race day? 
What are automatic pedals and should I use them in this race? 
Is there an age limit to participate in the race? 
What time does the race begin and what are the cut-off times? 
Can I cancel my registration? If yes, how do I go about it? 
What will the road be like? 
Can I volunteer for the event? 
What fluids and refreshments will be available at the location during the race? 
Is there on the spot medical help available for the cyclists? 
How do I get in touch with someone at the base camp in case of an emergency on my course? 
What will the weather be like during the time of the race? 
Is there a possibility of rain during the race? 
Are there transport facilities available to get to the base camp in chance of an emergency on the race? 
Are there any specific things I should be carrying as a cyclist? 
What are the facilities available on the course during the race? 
Can I transfer my registration to someone else? 
Is there any specific type of clothing and shoes I need to have for the race? 
I'm a beginner so how do I know if I'm fit enough to finish your event? 
How do I know I'm strong enough to register for 115 kilometers? 
Are all participants supposed to get to race campsite on the same day? 
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